New! - SunPower Solar PV and Battery Backup Systems Installed Direct to You!

Monterey Energy Group (MEG) is proud to be in partnership with SunPower offering Factory Direct Installed solar systems to our customers. Our partnership enables us to offer tremendous value never before realized in the marketplace . With 25 plus years experience in solar design and NetZero home energy modeling by licensed engineers, combined with SunPower's industry leading solar technology, our customers can obtain the highest quality solar products on the market at the most competitive price available.

Now anyone can create their home’s Solar Design

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Why Choose SUNPOWER?

  • Better Cells for Better Solar
  • Record-Setting Panel Tecnology
  • Premium, Low-Profile Mounting System
  • More Energy in Less Space
Introducing the only home solar + storage system designed, installed and warranted by one company.

Why SunPower

Only SunPower delivers the industry-leading experience, innovation and design you demand to maximize your solar investment.

30+ years of experience

When it comes to solar, experience matters. SunPower is a stable leader and trusted partner, with more then three decades of experience delivering record-setting technologies and innovative solar solutions.

Superior aesthetics

Solar panels are a part of your home, so you want them to look their best. SunPower® panels look great on any roof and our sleek all black option complements a wide range of architectural styles. Our proprietary InvisiMount® mounting system is designed to be completely hidden.

Peace of Mind

From blistering heat to blustering storms, your roof is not the kindest environment. SunPower panels leverage the unique Maxeon® solar cell design—featuring a solid metal foundation—to deliver the most reliable solar panels in the industry1.

Efficiency that lasts

The more energy your panels produce—and the longer they keep producing—the more you'll save on utility bills. Only SunPower panels deliver the highest wattage and panel efficiency available and an expected useful life of 40 years3.

Integrated Battery Storage Solution

SunPower SunVault Storage is the only home solar + storage system designed by one company.

Get 2x More Power

With twice as much backup power as conventional storage system, you can power more of your home in a grid outage.

Get 2x More Cycles

Our superior battery chemistry allows twice as many charge and discharge cycles over the life of your battery, compared to conventional storage system.

Reduce Peak-Time Charges

Intelligent software shifts when you draw power from the grid to offer more freedom from time-of-use rates and ensure you're making the most of your solar.

Manage with Ease

Intuitive app lets you customize your setting while providing real-time information on solar, storage and home energy use.

Your SunPower Equinox® Solar system generates electricity during the day and uses that energy to power your home and charge the SunVault Storage system. Any extra electricity is sent to the grid.

SunPower Enqinox® with SunVault Storage is the only home solar + storage solution designed by one company—providing a truly seamless experience.

Intelligent and Intuitive Software lets you choose how your stored energy is used. Easily adjust how much energy to save for backup and how to use to reduce peak-time usage.

Energy storage can help manage your usage during peak times and reduce the impact of complex time-of-use rates.

In the evening, when your solar isn't producing electricity, SunVault Storage can help — decrease the amount of electricity you draw from the grid.

When your battery is depleted in the evening, your home will seamlessly shift to drawing electricity from the grid again

If there's an outage , SunVault Storage provides Power to your essential appliances and electronics¹—such as charging your phone or powering your refrigator.

Check the SunVault Battery LED panel or your monitoring app to see how much energy remaind in real time.

And if your energy needs ever change— such as buying an electric vehicle or adding a pool— SunPower can help you find the right solution.

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